Your hair and swimming

Now with summer in full swing , we have had some clients come in and tell us their hair feels different because they have been swimming a lot . The key to swimming and keeping your hair in good shape is perpetration on the part of the swimmer . If possible you should use a swimming cap , although these days that might not be stylish . In any case wetting your hair with tap water before you jump in the pool will help to not let the chlorine absorb in as much as it would with dry hair , and as soon as you get out wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo like Redken hair cleansing cream shampoo. This will get as much of the chlorine out as possible so as not to turn blondes green and make your hair feel like straw . This will also help remove minerals if your are on well water at home . Simply put on wet hair and lather up , if you have excessive build up leave on for 5 to 10 min and rinse . Repeat if nessessary  . Be sure to condition with your favorite Redken conditioner right after . Yes you can swim and have great looking hair all summer . Good luck .

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