In today’s world there are many reasons why women cut their hair. Some do it to build self esteam, or simply just a change . Others will do it to anounce their freedom after a breakup

anyone of these can go either way. It can be just what you needed, or it can be the worst thing you’ve done in a long time . First make sure you think about it for at least a few weeks and gather together some pictures of hairstyles that you like and will think would look good on you, so when you go to a hairstylist they know what direction you might want to go. When your out on the town or just out in your every day life look at the women around you and see if there’s a hairstyle you like . Ask her where she got her hair cut and make an appt with her hairdresser. This is a good way of finding a hairdresser if you don’t already have one,Or if your in the market to change from your existing hairdresser.  You should always be able to make an appt for a complamentary consultation. If a salon is not willing to do a consultation for free find one that does, the customer service will be better. Remember a hairstylist does hair all day long so they know what their talking about . Take their advice and listen to what they have to say it’s their job to make you look good. One other important piece of advice, make sure your comfortable with your hairstylist it will make for a really good relationship and make your visit’s to the salon more enjoyable . If your not, please find a stylist that you are comfortable with.It’s much better for the both of you, no matter how good the hairstylist is. Women cut their hair for many more reasons then the ones above , but if you do a little homework you should get the style that is perfect for you. With you and your hairdresser working together you can’t go wrong.

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