Why Men Cut Their Hair.

Men cut their hair for many different reasons. The biggest one is to simply look good, in turn making them feel good. A gentelman will usualy cut his hair about every 3 to 4 weeks to keep it looking good. Some men will go longer depending on their lifestyle , and what kind of job they have. Business men will tend to come in for a cut every three weeks so they will always  look good and presentable in the office seeting they do business in. Men that work blue coller jobs will tend to go a bit longer like  4 to 5 weeks . Some men will go even longer . Keeping a mans haircut looking good really does’nt take that much work . Keeping your neck clean shaven, and sideburns trimed up will go a long way in looking good. Gels, mooses, pomades, pastes, and other mens hair products can also help to keep you groomed and looking good between haircuts.   Redken mens hair products are  some of the best around, from their shampoos to conditioners and all their styling products are formulated to meet a mans needs. Some of my favorites are

1- Shampoo – Go clean . It gently cleanses and removes build-up leaving your hair stronger and more manageable while hydrating your scalp.

2- Conditioner- Finish up . This daily weightless conditioner adds moisture and light conditioning leaving your hair manageable with natural looking shine. This high-tec formula containes fortifying protein and shine-enhancing moisturizers.

3-Styling – Maneuver working wax- This is a medium control working wax . It is a water based formula which means it will wash out very well with water and shampoo and won’t build up in your hair. Maneuver provides meduim control , low shine and pliable texture. Rub a small amount into your hands and work through dry or damp hair. Recommend for men who need the control of a wax with flexibility.

These are just a few of Redken men’s products These and all of the men’s line are avaiable at Orlando’s Salon in salt Lake city .

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