The perfect Blowout

I was working on a client the other day and she asked if I had any tips on how tho get a good blow out with a round brush . She said she always gets the brush tangled up in her hair and her style ends up frizzy and doesn’t look good at all . Once I finished the haircut I explained you have to make sure to use the right product to start with . Some people think that putting nothing in the hair to style it will not get the same result your stylist gets in the salon. first off you need a good thermal protector so the heat from the blowdryer doesn’t harm your hair . Redken has a great product called Satin wear.

this is a  great thurmal protector as well as a nice blowout cream. Apply from roots to ends and comb through . Section your hair into for sections from ear to ear and forhead to nape of your neck. From there take about 1in sections starting at the bottom of  each section and round brush unntil it is almost completly dry . On the last few swipes use your cold shot on your blowdryer and blow the cooler air along all of the section your working on this will close the cuticle of the hair and make it smooth and shiny . Repeat this with every section on your whole head , once you get the  hang of it , it will go fast. I then finished with a small dab of  Redken Water wax , this will sommth any fly aways . Now finish with a light hair spray and your good to go ….


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