Whether you want to just blend gray away, add highlights or change your color all together there’s a way to do it in the salon. Blending away gray is done by placing the desired color in the hair to cover only some of the gray so the finished look will not look to drastic. It’s a good way to get the feel of color without making to big of a comitment.

Highlighting your hair is done with either foil or a cap depending on how short your hair is. We pull out lighter pecies of hair to give your hair a three dementional look. If your hair is very light we can also put in darker pecies  which are refered to as lowlights . this process will not take very long  about 1/2 hour to 45 min at the most, and can change your look alot or a little depending on how much wo highlight or lowlight. highlights are a great way to inhance your look for summer.

Full all over color. With this porcess we will put together a gray coverage formula to cover all your gray. This process can take from 1 hr to 1 1/2 hr to. An all over color will make a big change in your apperance so you, and your stylist can decied if you want to make that big of a commetment. Their are alot of colors men can choose,  from the lightest bleeched blound to the darkest blue black, and anywhere inbetween . So weather you want a big change or a subtle change there is a place for you in mens color.

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