How to Flat Iron your hair

When you flat iron your hair it is very important to remember. To get a good result you must  start with the right products .Here is a step by step guid to flatironing . First you need a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, such as Redken Smooth Down shampoo. Start with a shampoo using about a quarter size amount of shampoo.Wet your hair and lather it up scrubing your  hair from scalp to ends. This should take at least 3 to 5 min rinse thoroughly. Then add the same quarter size amount of Redken Smooth Down conditioner in the same manner from scalp to ends. Leave on for 5 min . This will detangle, and control frizz while leaving your hair shiny and more manageable. Once your done shampooing and conditioning towell dry your hair. The next product you will need is Redken Heat Glide Protective smoother this heat protective serum smoothes and tames frizz on even the most rebellious hair, leaving your hair smooth and shiny with a lightweight frizz- free finish. Apply 1-2 pumps evenly to towel-dried hair and leave in. Blow dry your hair.It’s always a good idea to use the medium setting on the dryer rather then the hot, your hair will thank you. Once your hair is dry part your hair from ear to ear, and forhead to nape of your neck. Clip off each section. Start with the back left section and take about 1/2 inch sections from the bottom and work to the top . Heat your flat iron to about 325 or a 20 setting which ever iron you have. Start as close to the scalp as you can without burning it. Clamp the iron down and slide to the ends of your hair. If your hair is real curly you may have to repeat 2 0r 3 times to get it as straight as you want. working with 1/2 inch sections will  insure that your hair will look smooth and shiny. Work from bottom to top in each section this will make it much easier for you and as you do this more and more you will become alot faster. Once you done flat ironing place another drop or two of the Heat Glide serum in your hand and rub them together making sure to get the serum between the fingers and palms of your hands. Starting at the ends of your hair work the serum through your entire head this will tame any frizzies you might have.

If your hair requires deeper conditioning or detangling Redken has two other smoothing products that are a must have.

1- Redken Butter Treat Smoothing Treatment- This ultra rich treatment provides intense deep moisturization, super long -lasting conditionoing , nourishment and control. Leaving your hair streamlined manageable and shiny.

2- Redken Detangling Cream Leave-in smoother- This product provides intense smoothing,volume down control and detangling to very dry, unruly hair. Surrounding each strand to deliver stress-free combing, smoothness and frizz control. It will also help replenish oils and restore moisture. It will also nourish and add shine leaving your hair ultra-smooth ,lush and shiny.

All of these products cand be found a Orlando’s salon in Salt Lake City Utah.

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