Holiday Hair

Now that the holiday season is up on us , when your out and about you will be seeing some fantastic hair . Weather it is at a Christmas party or just out shopping everybody will be looking their best , so let’s join in and do our hair before we leave the house lol….. for men it is as easy as putting a little gel , wax , or styling cream in your hair and running your fingers or a brush or comb through to finish the look . The in look right now is a crisp side part and combed up and over almost like a 20’s look it can be very formal In a tux or suite and very casual in jeans and a nice shirt . Now for the ladies , there is so much that you can do you just look in magazines and keep your eyes open when your out and about . The straight look is still going strong , big bad bouncy curls as well as looser curls , curl your whole head and then pin the curls on top of your head for a more formal style . Take time and play with your hair so when the time comes for you to look stunning your ahead of the pack and I promise you will turn heads at your next party . HAPPY HOLIDAYS¬†

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