Spring is here , and everyone is wanting to get a base tan ,so when there out in the sun they don’t burn. This is a responsible way to do it. First you have to determine weather you are light , medium, or dark skinned toned.

Light skin tone : This is red heads,and blonds. Please keep in mind that you are not going to be brown in one session. It takes time to achieve a base tan . (at the least 10 sessions for you guys) Your first session should only be 5 min at the most. You may not see a difference , but believe me you skin knows. For a base tan you want to come at least every other day and  As you increase your time by 1 to 2 min at a time with every session you will see the difference. Don’t be in a hurry you will only burn and not reach your end goal of a nice base tan. Make sure you start in plenty of time before your vacation or special occasion you are wanting your tan for.

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