fun and festive hair colors

I was at the Utah Pride Festival this past weekend , and saw some of the coolest and crazy hair cuts and hair color. Summer festivals like this one are the perfect place to play with tempory hair color . There were so many different colors from blue to red to green and everything in between . Most of the colors were tempory color put on the day of or a few days ahead of the festival . There are color chalks that you put right over the top of your own color , there are color gels that you can do the same think or there are bottled temp color that you would go to your salon and have your stylist bleech out the peices of haie that you waht the different color and then apply the color you want over the bleeched area . This will stay on for about 30 min and last for about 2 weeks . If you want it to last longer you can re apply the color again and again or let it fade out and put another color in so there are many different ways to look edgy and cool over the summer months while your out and about and going to these festivals and fairs around your community so fly your flag of many colors and have a great time doing it . Cheers!!!

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