Feather Extensions

The feather extensions that we are putting in everybodies hair these days are real feathers , and are able for you to curl iron, flat iron ,shampoo ect… You treat them like  your own hair. They come in so many different colors and sizes from deep blue to bright pink. Putting them in only takes 10 min for the stylist to determine where to best place  them, and then to attach them to your oun hair with a micro bead . Taking care of them is a little more involved. You have to make sure when you condition your hair not to put conditioner on the micre bead because it will make your hair slick, and the bead and feather may slip right out . It can be reatached, but it is an extra trip to the salon so keep that in mind. Also if you are a hard sleeper you could snap the feather off below the micro bead  which makes it harder to reatach. In some cases it may be  unable to put back in your hair depending on the feather. There is also another alternative to feathers. They are a real human hair extension’s that looks like a feather’s .They come in all the same colors that feathers do , but they hold up better with all the things you do to your hair. The cost is about the same as feathers in most cases the hair extensions are cheeper. It takes about the same amount of time to put them in your hair. In any case whichever you choose a feather or a hair extension that looks like a feather you should get plenty of complements .

Available at- Orlando’s Salon in Salt Lake City Utah.

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