You’ve been out in the sun, on a boat on the lake or swimming in the local swimming pool. All of  these things along with any other summer activity where you are in the elements is hard on your hair. This is the most important time for you to keep up on the deep conditioning . Their are many good products for this , just a few are Redken AntiSnap , Redken Cat conditioner, Redken Deep Fuel conditioning tubes come 5 in a box.  A deep conditioning treatment can also be done in the salon , we would wash your hair then place a stronger more penatrating mask or 2 part conditioning treatment which will make your hair feel 60 % softer and hydrated instantly. If you were to do a deep conditioning treatment twice a month along with a thermal protector to keep it safe from heat irons, blowdryers, and any other hot tool along with sun ( make sure it has uv protector in it ) you will see the difference it will make in the look , and feel of your hair . Your hair will style and stay styled better when it is in good condition.

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