Coloring your hair in the red tones

I had a client come in the other day asking for an all-over color in the red aurburn tones. The professional salon colors have come a long way, even from 5 years ago. They are more gentle on the hair,they come in alot more color tones then ever before and they are alot more fade resistant. With that said all red toned hair color will fade more quickly then all the other color’s in your stylist’s color swatch book. Keeping this in mind there are ways to keep your red hair color from looking faded, and dull. Once you have had the color done and your stylist is rinsing the color out of your hair at the shampoo sink ask them to use a color lock conditioning treatment it may cost from $5 to $10 dollars, but it is very worth it . One of the best is Redken color extend chemistry hair treartment. This takes about 10 minutes do and is the first step is keeping the red from fading out if your new hair color . The second thing is you Need!!!! a good  (from the saon not the grocery store) color care shampoo, and conditioner.  Redken has their color extend shampoo and conditioner which are very concentrated so they will last you a lot longer the the grocery store brand.  Once you have these you will be off to a good start. The next thing is your styling products. If you have a good thermal protector heat styling product you can’t go wrong. Redken again has a great heat styling line with 5 different products for the different ways of styling your hair that you do. From blow-drying , curling- iron work, flat-ironing and defussing in your natural curl these products are the ticket to fantastic looking hair. Now that you are equiped with the right products there are things that you must do to help keep your red’s from fading.

If you are a tanner out in the natural sun or in a tanning bed you should always keep your hair covered.  If you tan in a bed take an extra towell and wrap your hair up , the ultra violet rays are murder on you hair specialy red’s. If you spend time outside some kind of a hat is highly recomended. Redken’s After sun products are another great option for after you have gone swimming or boating ect…  Washing your hair in as cool water as you can stand is a good idea also , when you use hot water it opens the cutical of the hair shaft and let the color molecule out which over time is what fades the color. Okay let’s recap. Start off  having your stylist do a color lock treatment at the salon then use a color care shampoo and conditioner. Follow this with a thermal product to  protect from your hot tools.  Make sure to cover your hair when tanning or spending time outside. And lastly The most important part of saving your color is the thermal protector , this puts a shild like barrier between your hair and the hot tools. If there is one product you should always have spend your money on a good thermal protector I can’t stress this point enough. There are some beautiful red’s out their so dont be afraid to try them follow these directions and you will be a happy red head. All these products are available at Orlando’s salon in Salt Lake City Utah.

PS. My client went with a beautiful Rocket Fire red, and she walked out of the salon looking fantastic!!!!

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